Hi. My name is Mari.

Welcome to my website free vector silhouettes vector-club.com

I’m doing computer design for many years and it became my work and hobby. Doing commercial work for my clients or draw something for the soul when you are in the mood.
There are many different techniques and styles in computer graphics. I love to work with vector images.

I have accumulated a large collection of vector clipart that I drew myself for different purposes and I decided to share this collection with all the creative people and designers.
I decided to choose for this blog theme vector silhouettes and shapes, as they are very popular, but are often paid on the photostocks. And it’s not very convenient. She is often faced with the problem that you need to find and download something quick, and to register once, and you do not want.
All vector images on my website vector-club.com high quality and you almost do not need additional processing.
For convenience, I provide you direct links to download files. The downloading is very fast and safe.

Where and how to use vector silhouettes?

Oh, so many options!
Vector silhouettes are ideal for creating prints on t-shirts, mugs, etc. using the silhouettes, you can do very fast nice design postcards, flyers, posters, invitations and create logos etc. Can be used to create a variety of stencils. In General, options to use an unlimited number.
All my graphics are posted in the posts is completely free.

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All my stuff is free and I spend on creating it a lot of time, so please don’t ignore sponsored links : )

What topics vector silhouettes you can find on my website vector-club.com ?

Different themes will be very much! Here are the most popular vector silhouettes of people, animals, the abstract lines, spots, splashes, nature, ornaments, signs and symbols, objects, patterns.

I will try to do for you quality content, and you’ll appreciate how it turns out at me.