20 Nov

Pole Dancers – 12 Vector Silhouettes

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Pole Dancers - 12 Vector Silhouettes - Free File

Pole Dancers – 12 Vector Silhouettes – Free File

This time I prepared a selection of vector silhouettes of girls on a pole.
     Pole Dance is a very effective dance that combines elements of acrobatics, choreography and gymnastics. The dance develops the muscles of the upper body, the back and the press, supporting the entire body in tonus.
The pole is a vertically installed pipe made of metal. Pole is installed in nightclubs, bars or in special dance halls for dancing around him or performing various tricks. Do not combine the striptease, which also requires a pole and Pole Dance. These are two different directions.
Pole Dance is a special genre of dance art, combining elements of acrobatics and dance elegance, built around the pylon and on it.
It should be noted that a really beautiful dance on the pylon has little to do with striptease. In the latter case, the emphasis is on demonstrating the naked body and spectacular stripping. Dancing with a pole is more a sport, an art with erotic elements. There are competitions and championships in this dance direction, in which not only girls, but also men participate.
     Download free vector clipart at the link below and make your graphic. With these silhouettes, you can draw a flyer in a nightclub for a party, an invitation to a master class on Pole Dance, decorate walls or windows with vinyl stickers in the gymnast hall.

Size: 580 kb

Format: 1 files Ai (Adobe Illustrator) + Eps

License: Free for personal and commercial purposes.

Download: Pole Dancers – 12 Vector Silhouettes

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